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03 December 2010

In a relatively short time, Koppert Cress has grown to become a company of considerable size. After the 2006 extension, we wrote that the company was ready for the future and that there was enough space to cope with new growth. Now the company is...

03 December 2010

The Koppert Cress logo has had a make over and it will be used starting September 1st. De legal notification B.V. has been deleted and the text: Micro Vegetables has been replaced by Architecture Aromatique.
Due to the increasing...

03 December 2010

Starting by the end of November, the new Koppert Cress website will be life. The virtual presentation received a makeover, and now has a full 2011 look and lots of information. 

One of the most important changes is the use of moving...

14 August 2010