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Koppert Cress UK launches English Mix

5 April 2018

British chefs will be delighted with the launch of their very own English mix of microgreens available NOW from all UK fresh produce wholesalers! The Koppert Cress English Mix is truly the best of British, offering professional chefs a half box of Living Microgreens of eight mixed punnets of 8 punnets of Affilla Cress (pea shoots), Ghoa Cress (coriander), Vene Cress (red veined sorrel) and Scarlet Cress (Red Amaranth).

The above species of cress are the most popular species ordered by British chefs, so KoppertCress have decided to make Chefs’ lives even easier by creating a bespoke selection tailored to their palate. Koppert Cress pride themselves on really knowing their customers and go above and beyond in conducting continuous market research among top chefs, constantly seeking feedback on all species of cress and micro greens.

UK Team Koppert Cress development chefs inspiring UK chefs

Country Manager UK-GCC, Paul Da Costa Greaves (2nd right) said
“Our role in educating chefs on Koppert Cress flavour pairings and menu development takes our Cress Chefs all over the UK. From Devon to Dublin, Scotland to Skegness, it had become apparent Chefs love Koppert Cress for the clean growing sustainable, nutritional, heirloom taste sensation for which we have always been renowned. However, in most kitchens, chefs were asking for smaller quantities to those previously offered by Koppert Cress. We listened and are delighted to announce the launch the new English Mix that offers eight mixed punnets of the most popular micro greens used by UK chefs in manageable quantities as requested by them!”

Koppert Cress decided to launch the English Mix after consultation with kitchens throughout the regions of the UK. It is this close relationship with the end user that enables Koppert Cress to remain engaged with their customers, adapting to the latest kitchen trends and menu innovation. The Koppert Cress English mix is now readily available from all UK fresh produce wholesalers.

More info? Please contact paul@koppertcress.com , +31 174 242819 or marketingsupport@koppertcress.com